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Comic Book Layout and Pencilling with Alvin Lee DVDRip

Author: golemsonbi
Comic Book Layout and Pencilling with Alvin Lee DVDRip
DVDRip | AVI | XVID, 720x480, 25fps | AC3 32 kbps | Duration: 2:21:35 | 621 MB
Genre: Training

Joe Weems shows and explains in detail the technical aspect of comic book illustration inking. Starting with the tools of the trade and examples of warm-up exercises, this instructional DVD contains a wealth of knowledge with extreme close-up shots of the artist's hand working on select portions of the image. This focus on the work allows the viewer to gain a better understanding and appreciation of how the ink line is applied and constructed. Joe will present examples of free-hand inking and utilizing stencils while discussing influences and personal insight from a career that spans more then sixteen years. This DVD is designed for all aspiring inkers, fans and seasoned professionals with an interest in learning more about the creation and execution of a comic book page.

Category: Tutorials