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Enemy Engaged 2

Author: crab22

Enemy Engaged 2

Enemy Engaged 2 | 609 MB

PC game | English | Genre: Helicopter Sim

Climb aboard an American RAH-66 Comanche, or the Russian KA-52 Hokum B, and prepare to experience low-level helicopter combat like never before! Sharpen your "line of sight" tactics on over 30,000 kilometers of treacherous landscape! War rages continuously on 3 diverse real world combat zones, where you engage the enemy as both pilot and co-pilot/gunner. Not only do you feel the white knuckle tension of the realistic flight dynamics, the immersive voice control allows you to command your gunner and your wingman from a microphone connected to your PC. To increase the realism, you may also play co-operatively or competitively with other players, up to 16 on LAN or online Multiplayer.

Category: Games